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Published: February 22, 2017 12:00 AM

Says school levy 'too much to absorb'

The new 6.9-mill levy being proposed by the Twinsburg City School District is too stiff to accept without a comment.

Most homeowners who have their taxes paid through a mortgage do not know or see the breakdown of their property taxes. There are at least 10 entities who depend on our taxes to support their services and they will all eventually take their turns for more.

What's astonishing is the amount of money the schools already get. A quick check with a calculator will show that they get a majority of our property tax dollars now. There doesn't seem to be much left over for others, and some provide vital services for all of us, whether you pay property taxes or not. The figures and sales pitches used to comfort us are always based on a $100,000 home, which this time is $241.50 per year for that homeowner.

Really? Figure out your home's value to see your increase. Wow again. Many will see two, three or four times that dollar amount per year in taxes. I believe this is way too much for anyone to absorb, especially those on fixed incomes. The limited survey that was performed and the hasty, quick decision that was reached by the Board of Education for the spring ballot for this levy is an insult to all property owners.

How much is enough? The schools seem to be on the ballot each year for something. While schools are important, the heavy burden gets passed to homeowners and it will eventually make us extinct. I hope there are enough logical voters who will understand just how much this will impact our pocketbooks, and send a strong message to the schools that this levy increase is unaffordable and unacceptable.

Gary Laurenzi, Twinsburg

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